You might have heard these names in bands like Survolaj, Bio, Jais, Prime Live, Crossroads. We've played on festivals and opening acts beside famous names like, Ian Gillan Band, Uriah Heep, Lance Lopez, Larry Coryell, Jack Bruce, Laurie Anderson, Corey Harris, and many others.

The story of Burning Table began in November 2011. BT found immediate success in 2011 after their debut and went on to become one of the noticeable newcomers of  2011. The band release of first studio album, scheduled for 2013, will propose a new fresh approach displaying a sound typically identified as rock, with a variety of influences, including classic rock, psychedelic rock, post rock, electronica.

  The band's evolution throughout 2012 involved several tumultuous periods of searching and scouting for a complete formula being concluded with the addition of two new members Razvan Marcuci (bass) and M Sasi Vuscan (guitar, synts, programming). In 2015 Razvan decides do follow his own calling and leaves the group being repleaced by Victor Miclaus  (bass). The idea is to play without any prejudice, just leaving the notes, the rhythm and our state of mind to deal with the sound. It wouldn't be easy to talk about the band's major musical influences, but there are bands or artists appreciated anytime by each of us, from Pink Floyd through Porcupine Tree to Audioslave, Stone Temple Pilots, NIN, Muse, Alice in Chains, Rage Against the Machine, Pearl Jam. Doubtless, music is a non replaceable passion for the members, because nothing great in the world has been accomplished without passion.