Soft Panic


Hey, can't you hear me

I'm talking to you now

Listen up!

Why are you fighting

People are dyin'

Don't you care?

No! No more crying

The blood is screaming

From the ground

Stop! Look around now

What's left behind you

Where it will end?

Peace, don't we need it?

The Earth is tired

Let it rest

Hey! Drop the weapons

Join the band now

Let's take a walk...

 Burning Table


 Being on my own again
I really want to to travel down this lonely lane
I really got this feeling
I have to be someplace else
You're gonna come with me now
And see the table burn


Never in my life before
I thought it would be me to
Break down all the walls
Don't say I should be sorry
'Cause I won't understand
How can one seek fulfillment
Living to get paid


When you'll see that table burn
You're gonna stand beside me
Craving for the stars
You'll never wanna go back
And live your every day
Without a sense in life and
Work just to get paid



 Giant Steps


Dispear is what I see when I look around

People with their heads hanging down

Listen! what I have to say

Listen don't you be like them

Listen hold your head up high

Listen I'm asking you to try


Not to let them pull you down

You'll be lost and never found

Hold on to your dreams

Fight for your beliefs

Take a giant step

To acomplish what you crave for 


Our world is

Full of anger and discontent

Don't let yourself

Be sucked in this life of pain

Right decisions

Are very hard to make

Choosing which giant step

You have to take



Selling Eden


Come on people,
No more lies,

I see greed In your eyes.

You wanna sell Eden
That's the truth untold
Destroy next generations
For a handfull of gold.


C'mon people, be aware
At what your about to do
Sell your lives for a few bucks
A mistake you can't undo

You wanna sell Eden
It's not yours to give
Promisses of wealth
Can be deceptive.


C'mon now people
Don't you care at all
Selling of the land
It's the begining of the downfall

Illness awaits us
Cause of the things you've done


The moment you sold Eden
The hell on earth begun.

Insist on us to sustain
The decisions you make
Stop telling lies, realize
It's our future at stake


Corporate trusts with their funds
Don't give a crapp about our lives
Ruin everything in their path
For the ultimate prize