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Instrumental volume beautiful lead backing unique guitar long builds creates
tempo beat drums interesting deep strong eventually enjoyable love singer intro
tune lyrics

“Soft acoustic sound to begin the song with. The beat gets faster along the way with what sounds like a harmonica. Male
vocalist eventually joins in with a deep voice mixed with other background vocals. The beat eventually picks up with electric
guitar sounds. Vocalist has a deep sound that grabs you with his softness at times. The song has an overall catchy tune. Great
for the car or at home listening.”

“This here was definitely an above average instrumentals track. They done a good job transitioning through the various
sounds. The vocals that came through really did not add any body to the song because I thought that they were generic. This
group certainly has strong musical instrument talent but they need some polishing in the writing department. In the end
though, good effort.”

“The beat of the song, the style of it, and the pitch were great. From instrumentals, vocals, the whole nine yards. This song
didn't need any vocals or anything else to make it sound great and have meaning. Its a depressing song, but its also a
beautiful song. Vocals aren't needed for this. Its just too good. I give it a 8/10.”

“there is a really good build up in the introduction, I am excited to know what will come next. It sounds epic so far. The
energy is profound in this instrumental. The intro was long but it seems appropriate to this song. The vocals have effects on
it but they are done in good taste. The vocal is haunting and stays with you. The guitar is smooth and strong. The vocals and
guitar really fills the room. This song is very easy to listen to because it sounds like it is a famous band already. I would buy
this song. I think you have a chance of being big. This song is organized really well it follows all the rules of a hit rock song.
You want to hear it again while still listening to it.”

“Interesting instrumentals. It has a very "western American" feel to it. Eventually it transitions in to a sort of hard-rock feel.
The vocals are sort of grunge with an airiness to them. I like this.”

“The electronic feel coupled with the gutair/western feel was mixed excellently. The song slowly built up and developed
nicely. The on key guitar was energetic and they harmonised well together. The tempo could have changed slighty earlier to
keep me more engaged as it became quite similar. When the third component was added it became quite complicated and
erhaps this was unneccessary. The vocals were exceptional and the hoarse, husky nature of them worked well with the song!
the lyrics were very meaningful.”

“This arrangement is a little over-worked on the computer and in the studio, rather than relying on the strength of the
composition and the vocals to make it a strong piece. The driving beat keeps me from relaxing and enjoying the music. This
song feels quite Celtic and worldly. Stylistically it holds a power of suggestion even before the vocals start. It 's complex and
would take a while to "grow On" A listener. It feels a bit disjointed and uncomfortable. Almost makes me nervous about what
is coming next, while I appreciate the newness to this music... I also understand that music that creates uncertainty is not
always readily accepted. The composition makes sense, but is not enjoyable.”

“I thought when this song started playing that i was really going to enjoy it, it started with such a musical difference from i
am used to hearing and it intrigued me. The use of what i think was a harmonica was fantastic, perfect for the song (certainly
made for something different). Not much to say about the singer as there wasnt a lot of vocals in the song.”
“Interesting blend of sounds at the beginning of this piece. Makes me intruiged in the piece of music - I enjoyed listening to
it. This is a song to relax to and unwind. Really long instrumental part - but that is a real highlight of the music. The lyrics are
deep and have a real style - a penetrating sound. The electric guitarist is really talented - I love his instrumental part. This lifts
the song to a new level and gives it definate market value.”

“calming intro with the swung chord progression and swells. the intro is very long before you hear the main body of the song.
this reminds me of a chilled out Pearl Jam until the refrain after the first verse. no number 1# but would be a regular on
Kerrang or Rock FM.”

“The introduction to the track is kind of too long but once it gets going. It gets going way to fast and too loud. I'm not sure
what thy actually singing about because the symbol on the track is way louder then the vocals are.”
“This song had beautiful instrumental sound. It was more of a instrumental type of song, but did have some decent singing in
it. The singer had a strong voice that made the song more interesting and it was easy to listen to and understand the words.
I would recommend this song because it was unique.”

“This piece had a quirky movement to it. The smoothness of the tune was creative. I love the way the chorus delivers. The
tone's flavor is inventive and reckless; the singing has an enjoyable potential. It has a basic timing technique; the diversity of
this track was good. The sort of harmonic vocalizing setup employed for this song is fun. The melody's magic is
straightforward. It is thick and seductive.”

“I love the introduction, the music is unique and sent me into a trance-like state. A beautiful introduction. I found the layering
effect throughout the song very effective and made the song a pleasurable listen. The rhythm was accompanied by a mans
voice which is absolutely amazing, husky and sexy”

“A great introduction - the build up really draws you in with the guitar pulsing along with the long drawn out tones in the
background making for a good overall sound. Bringing in the drums creates a better overall feel. On reflection the
introductory build up may have been too long: a slight shortening would give a better start rather than the listener being
unsure if the vocals will ever come in. The vocals are fitting and go well with the guitars and drums. The voices have a good
raw feel to them complementing the song well.”

“Very interesting intro, creates a mysterious feeling that makes me curious as to the direction the song is heading. Quite a
long intro though, after the snare starts it sounds like it could use a little more volume in the mix, not much but it seems like
it 's a little bit hidden on my consumer level speakers. The song also seemed to jump in volume at about 70 seconds in or so?
The intro might be a little bit too long to retain interest but overall I like this song. It 's quite rhythmically interesting once the
vocals start. It creates a very unique vibe "

“like how the volume was coming low then it switch up how the drums and guitar play together so well made a good
sound. like how the voice was echoing trew the song made it come alive.”

“I really like the way this song comes out of the gates. It immediately builds to a nice tempo. I love the introduction. The
drums are perfect but I do not care for the horn sound. Great tempo. I am confused by the way the song speeds up almost
out of now where. It would be better to cut that part out. The intro is good but seems too long. Great vocals. I love the
guitar sound in the middle. This song is engaging.”






Burning Table
SOFT PANIC - NOV 09, 2013
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“This song was super awesome. I really enjoyed listening to the guitar . The drums also accentuated the Masculinity of the
song. I really enjoyed listening to this song. It made me want to get up and dance. I really loved this it was hardcore and
super gnarly. I'll be purchasing the song in iTunes.”



“The melody is cool. The drums are awesome. I don't know about the vocals. The lyrics are cool but the vocalist sounds like
when Ted did that example of how people sang in the 90's. This could still be a hit though.”


“The intro sounds like the introduction to a football game and pumps me up for the rest of the song. I can see a football
team running out of the tunnel to this song, and it gives you a rush of excitement. It could definitely be a radio hit on many
radio stations played throughout Illinois. The drums sound awesome and so do the vocals.”



“This is a all around great song. It has a little of everything that 's good in a song. It make you want to bob your head and
close your eyes. It puts you in a relaxing mood but I'm not sure it would be a hit. Maybe just a good song. The guy singing is
pretty good though. The harmony works well with the track.”


“Lovely deep guitar creating a warm feelings. Love the introduction of the drums. It sounds very professional in structure.
The chorus however deviates from the main smoothness and rhythm of the track. Singing could be improved both in terms of
lyrics and loudness/clarity.”


“The song is good but its not quit my taste of music. but anyone who love country with a mix of heavy metal its a awesome
song love singers or country listeners will love it.”


“its too heavy for too long before the singing started . I think it would sound good if there was a gutar or two aswell . I
would not listen to this its not something im into . a lot of people who like heavy metal will love this !"


“this song starts out with a very heavy guitar, that is similar to a Metallica or an early 70's band. It would be something ozzy
ozbone would write. The guitar was very nice and smooth.”


“I definitely enjoy the guitar in this piece, it isn't too hard, and yet it isn't too light either. He has a rough sound to his voice
giving the music the more classic rock sound. The lyrics also go great with the song, I loved it.”


“The hard rocking electric guitar was ripping chords that were really riveting, and ravishing in their ability to make you rock
out to the sounds of the music. It was a radical display of sounds, and had a super charged rhythm that made you feel great.
The song's commercial potential was good, because the vocalist had an attractive voice, that impressed you and compelled
you to listen to the lyrics.”


“A definite true rock song. The song started off with a nice melody and guitar accompaniment. A male vocalist came on soon
after and had a very raspy, powerful voice. The lyrics were relatable. The beat catchy, and the overall feel of the song was
pretty light topic considering the genre. I enjoyed the vocals as well as the instrumentals.”